From all Latin America´s styles, Spanish & african styles and genres born Latin Bros Records managed


Our goal is to help all latin artist to find their dreams in music business and party the world with the best Latin music.

Please feel free to send us your tracks, if they fit into our concepts we might be happy to release them.

Music from Espain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, República Dominicana,
Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Venezuela, Mexico, Brasil etc.

Latin Bros Records


Ray Lee Brown

Half American half Spanish with a cosmopolitan style, this artist makes hits from Rap to Reggae, Roots, Jazz, Blues, Soul and Spanish South Urban fusion. Since 2000 this artist “Raynpro” has been working with SMK & Urban Dr. Hip Hop & Flamenco producer, composing and recording various hits together. In the south of Spain, “Ray Lee Brown” at SantaStudio featured many collabo´s with artist from around the world. Now in this century, he is preparing the Work of his life, which will be a grand discovery with many big names in the world music business.

Ray Lee Brown


Eloy Sanamé Nuevo Single desde Cuba “Manos Callosas”.

Eloy Saname - Manos Callosas

Eloy Saname – Manos Callosas

Nuevo Album ya a la venta. Sanamé y su Banda “Lo que nadie me canto”.

Eloy Saname - Lo que nadie me canto

Eloy Saname – Lo que nadie me canto

Eloy Sanamé Guerra: Autor de todos los temas.
Cristian Alonso: Autor de “LA HABANA”
Produción musical y arreglos de todos los temas ( Eloy Sanamé )

Músicos que participaron la grabación:

Eloy Sanamé Guerra ( Voz Lider, Guitarra Tres, percusión menor.)
Negdys Roblejo Espinosa ( Baby Bass y Coros )
Nestor González Patterson ( Piano, Teclados y Coros )
Joanna Garcia Fernández ( Congas )
Wilian Roblejo Espinosa ( Violín )
Arián Fonte ( Grabación )

Latin Bros Records by Urban Bros Records


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